Mammy and Daddy Long Legs

Every now and again a Polish researcher reveals that he/she has been spending taxpayers money on significant material for the betterment of humankind - Boguslaw Pawlowski of the University of Wroclaw now fits that bill!

He has gone where few science geeks have dared venture before - evaluating what length of legs make both genders quiver in their trousers. The conclusion that transpired does not bode well for those stricken with shortness. Lanky legged folk should also not start applying to their local model agencies as it our fellow humans with just 5 percent longer than average legs are deemed the most attractive to both sexes. Those with 15 percent more than average thigh or shin tend to turn-off many ordinary folk!

Pawlowski explained to New Scientist magazine that "long legs are signalling health." He further added that those accursed to be mini-legged(my exaggeration) are linked with a higher risk of ailments, such as diabetes and other killer diseases.

But don't withdraw all your savings and apply for a leg-job just yet, as it seems that those short of an inch or 6 are also deemed attractive once they are "well-formed." There is no criteria given by our lab-friend as to what qualifies as "well-formed." Nor is there any average height put forward by the researchers for us to judge whether we have legs that are 5 percent longer or shorter than average!!!

I wonder would such shitological research find the same if the guinea pig volunteers were pygmies, Japanese or Bavarian?


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