Back in Ireland - The Masterplan

There is nothing worse than coming on to a blog and seeing it hasn't be updated.
Usually there are good excuses - Optically, your eyes just can't take the web anymore; your relationship is beginning to suffer; you haven't been outside for a few weeks; you realise that nobody is reading anyway, so if you take a break, no harm done; or in my case, being constantly on the road since returning from Warsaw to Dublin.

Dorota and I moved back to Ireland for a variety of reasons:

a) To catch up with my family
b) To cash up
c) To organise voluntary work in Africa

Point 'a' has been achieved - it's so great to be back on home turf and all are thankfully doing well.

Point 'b' is in the pipeline, still awaiting interviews to work in homeless shelters we used to work in.

Point 'c' has been partially achieved. Dorota will be volunteering with the European Voluntary Service's 'Youth in the World' programme from the beginnng of October. Our attempt to go volunteering with Voluntary Services Overseas didn't work out - may be a blessing in disguise given they appointed pro Afghanistan and Iraq war Labour MP and former government chief whip under Tony Blair, Hilary Armstrong, on to their international board of trustees.

So the next steps?

Well, first of all, we have to await to find out where Dorota's placement will be (probably Ghana or Uganda). Then, I must decide how I can volunteer alongside her in an independent role. Though it will be more personally expensive, it seems the best idea now is to find a local partner in either of these countries who may want an volunteer English teacher.

If you have any tips as to organisations I should explore in facilitating this please let me know.


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