Solitaire - A Nail in Shell's Coffin

At long last, the steel whale Solitaire is leaving Irish waters from the port of Killybegs in Donegal. After failing to lay pipes for the estimated €500 billion Corrib gas reserves due to be processed by Royal Dutch Shell criminals and their Irish government lackeys, the largest pipe-laying vessel on the seas appears to be heading for the junkyard with any luck. But rest assured, Shell will find a way to once again darken the doorstep of Glengad beach. Unfortunately for them, a titan force of nonviolent resistance awaits their next assault.

According to Indymedia
Maura Harrington, who is on hunger strike at the Shell compound at Glengad beach, has yet to make a statement, but it is hoped that if the company claim is true, and the ship leaves, then she will end or suspend her protest.

Full Shell statement:

Shell E&P Ireland Limited can confirm that the Solitaire will leave Killybegs today for a UK Port where deep water berthing facilities are available.

The vessel will remain in port while a further assessment of factors including operational, technical and weather issues will be completed. Once this is done, a further statement about the 2008 offshore development programme will be made. This programme still requires a suitable weather window for successful completion.

Separately, a special diving support vessel is being deployed to Broadhaven Bay tomorrow to assist in the salvage of the 12 metres long, 80 tonnes section of the Solitaire's pipe laying equipment. This piece of equipment, which became detached from the vessel last Wednesday (September 10th), is currently lying on the seabed in Broadhaven Bay, Co Mayo and will be removed and disposed of for safety and environmental reasons.


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