Things 'White people' shouldn't do in Africa

From previous experiences volunteering I have built up a bunch of informed notions about how an Obroni, Muzungu, Blanc (White person). Most of them are from overhearing local strnagers muttering discontent, local friends expressing concern or laughter, and my own innate feeling that such behaviour just does not fit.

1. Post photos like this on a blog entitled IrishinGhana - It's Gonzo journalism at it's worst and irrelevant at best. Send personal photos personally.

2. Walk around t-shirt less on a Sunday when everybody else is dressed to the nines. Indeed, walking around t-shirt less in public, whether you're male or female, is generally best avoided.

3. Appearing lazy, acting lazy, just plain being lazy. People admire hardworking folk here as they work long hours to make ends meet.

4. Taking photos with total disregard for people's privacy. Yes, it's terrible to see a beggar on the street. But when was the last time you took a photo of a beggar in your own home country?

5. Not washing your clothes regularly as soap and water without a machine just seems too much bother. Ghanaians are quite spotless and I would put my life savings on the fact that most people you meet throughout the continent are equally so. After living with a wide sample of them in Dublin for 2 years (35 or so from 15 different African countries). They may not have jacuzzis in every 3rd house, but then again, who would want to live in such a place. Dress in a dignified fashion, try not to come home drunk every night of the week or at all and generally behave in a manner befitting the area you are living in. If you want to be a party animal, go to a secluded holiday island and enjoy yourself.



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