"Teacher, your fly is open"

When your in the position of teaching numerous kids and adults day in and out, a few embarrassing moments are sure to occur. By and large, I'd say I've got off fairly lightly to date. I'm never late for work so the possibility of screwing up is thus reduced. But no matter how prepared one may be, to err is human, and I am as human and error-prone as they come.

So Monday last at 4.25pm as I was posing a question to Bartek, Daria decided to answer out of turn.

Me: "Yes Daria, what is it now?"
Daria: "Teacher, your zip is down!"
Me:"Ok, now open your student books at page 63", as I subtly zipped up.

You gotta be careful with new trousers. If you rush and don't securely place the zip in a flat position but rather leave it elevated then it takes on a life of it's own and people like Daria will crucify you for your inattention to the laws of zip placement. They'll get a good 1/2 minute giggle out of your misfortune and then turn their attention to the next funniest thing they set their eyes on. Their humour is direct, cruel and yet innocently harmless.

I have never arrived half-drunk or with a black-eye from a bar-room brawl like my predecessor; never farted or had too loud a belly grumble; rarely if ever had a noticeable misfortunate slip of the tongue.

So maybe in the greater scale of things I'm a little bit dull! If flying low is my only mishap it'll have been a good year.


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