Warsaw Marathon Preparation - Part 1

Last summer I used to plan my running routes along the metro line. Starting in Natolin, I would head straight to Metro Ursynów, then swing into Park Kozlowskiego and over to Puławska so as to get to Słuzew, Wilanowska, Wierżbno and Racławicka before making my way back. It was a bit over 12kms. I wondered what length the metro line from Kabaty to Młociny would be - when I measured it on mapmyrun it turned out to be 46.1kms, a little more than the 42.195kms of a marathon. Actually, from my starting point at Natolin the distance to and from Młociny is almost exactly the same as the marathon stretch. I use mapmyrun to work out the distance and routes I wanna go on.
I've been half thinking for a while about doing the Warsaw marathon on September 25th this year. My bro. did the marathon in Ireland a few years ago and I'm not sure whether he has ever run since, so I was a little wary of pushing myself too much too early. Training during the piping hot Polish summer with Warsaw's urban heat and exhaust fumes en route have made me hesitate. I've found some nice routes to do 7-10kms in the Ursynów area. They are semi-lit and adjacent to lots of greenery to get your head out of the urban zone.

Given that the recent sunny Polish weather has been taking it's toll (If your stuck in a fanless classroom all day you feel so drained when you come home), I realised there is only one solution - more exercise). Having a little girl dictates the time of departure and length of my runs. I find 11pm is a good time as she is usually fast asleep, there is little traffic, the temperature is quite good and I like running in semi-darkness listening to the classical radio station while mulling over my thoughts.

Since the temperatures began to rise though I've felt so exhausted after each run. I went jogging late on Wednesday night, when I thought the worst of the storm had passed, although little did I know it was only getting started. So drenched wet from sweat and heavy showers I wobbled by a massive concert at SSGW and into the shower to try and cool off. There is nothing like the feeling of a cold water beating against you after running yourself into the ground.

The Warsaw marathon has 4,000 places for participants so if you are interested then sign up asap. Entrance fee is 100 zł and all the details can be found at the above link. Fundacja Maraton Warszawski page can be found here so all the latest news and preparation runs will be posted on their wall.


Paddy said…
Good work Damo. I did a halfy and that, combined with quite a lot of kickboxing, has ruined me ever since. Just make sure you're stretching a lot as well if you can be. That was my downfall.

Good luck! Will come and cheer you on.

Miaou said…
Cause you over-trained I guess? Ruined you in that now you are a fat slob who boos people when they run by on the street or maybe some ligament, tendon problems? I'm really not sure whether the marathon is for me, but I'm training for it anyhow cause it keeps me motivated to get out there and run. Hard with a baby in the house, last night I had to run at 11.30pm!
Paddy said…
No I have a hole in my patallae... need intensive physio but don't really have the money for it. Such is life!

Good luck
Paddy said…
This is one of the best spam messages I've ever seen!
Miaou said…
I've been on holiday for the past 8 days though I'ver managed to keep up with the programme. However, when it comes to training, too many gofries do not a marathon runner make. The Hel peninsula's gofry and świderki production rate is a calorie-nightmare and is part and parcel of the reason many people I've seen here are bulging at the waistline.
Miaou said…
Out with runners knee at the moment. Hopefully get back into it next week. Doing lots of stretching and taking it handy, a bit of swimming and biking.
Anonymous said…
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Philipp von Plato (philipp_von_plato@internations.org) said…
Dear Miaou,

I really enjoyed reading your fantastic blog.
Hope your preparation for the marathon is going on fine, just a couple of weeks to go.

In case you are not already part of InterNations you are of course invited to join our network of selected members - just let me know and I will send you an invitation.

I am looking forward to your response and would be happy to welcome you to my global expat community.



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