Amnesty Poland send 40,010 letters in 24-hour marathon

Murdered Russian journalist and human rights defender Anna Politkowska

I'm glad that the letters I managed to compose this morning helped Amnesty Poland's efforts in surpassing the 40,000 letters mark. This is the 8th year the event has been stage in Poland and occurs around the commemoration of International Human Rights Day (December 10th).

I arrived to the cafe turned Amnesty office at Chlodna 25 later than I had hoped, about 10.30am. There were a lot of tired heads in the gaffe, but ink was still being put to good use and the full envelopes were piling up.

Amnesty Poland punch far greater than their weight when it comes to this particular worldwide campaign day. They come in at 2nd place out of 40 participating countries who stand up for prisoners of conscience by writing letters to State authorities demanding their release/fair retrial/death sentence commution.

The international human rights group managed to involve 70 cities throughout Poland this year, an annual event around the December 10th International Human Rights Day, which commemorates the 1948 U.N. Declaration of Human Rights.


varus said…

again, a long break from reading.

I had heard of theis campaign day but alas not partcipated. Howvere, congratulations on the result.
Damien Moran said…
Welcome back.

In your absence, quite a number of people who have been googling DODA'S TITS get directed to this blog?????
God Bless google listings!

Of course, it is because I wrote a piece some months ago on how the Polish military had recruited Doda to sing to the Polish soldier boys in one of them far-off countries that ends with 'istan' where some of them have been busy killing civilians and others even busier covering it up.
Anonymous said…
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