Poland and the U.S. agree on Missile Defence Shield

According to the Associated Foreign Press Poland's Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski (Former Neocon American Enterprise Institute employee) has reached a deal in principle regarding hosting the controversial US missile shield after meeting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. The Tusk government's position all along has been to get a better deal in order to aid modernisation of Polish air defenses with Patriot and THAAD Missiles.

Sikorski, who has been meeting top warmongers in the U.S. added that "a great deal of work" faced negotiators while Rice talked about "some progress" and "some momentum" on the issue.

"We have an agreement in principle," Sikorski told journalists on Friday when asked if he had received assurances about US aid for Poland's air defenses.

"And, as I mentioned, the prime minister and the president will approve of whatever is done in the meantime, but yes, I'm satisfied that the principles we have argued for have been accepted," Sikorski said.

So there it is. Faustus has just done the deal and it is unlikely that it will be unravelled. The 3 Republican contenders for the presidency are all pro-shield. Hillary Clinton is also for it while Barack Obama remains sceptical. But if you ask me, I'd say get a good pair of warm socks and boots because this time next year we could be blocking the initial construction work in Northern Poland.

Pissed off? You should be! Check out campaign sites www.m29.bzzz.net and www.tarcza.org if you are interested in doing something about it.


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