Fantasy Government of Ireland

Fantasy Government

Pick a cross/non-party gvt. involving current members of the Senate/Dail or those you think who are Irish citizens with expertise in a certain field. Positions to be filled:

1. Prime Minister - The people of Ireland

2. Minister For Finance - Joe Higgins

3. Minister for Foreign Affairs - Michael D. Higgins

3. Minister for Women's Affairs - Ivana Bacik

4. Minister for Human Rights - David Norris

5. Mininster for Children's Affairs - Mary Raftery

6. Minister for Energy - Willie Corduff

7. Minister for Culture - Michael Flately

8. Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food - Darina Allen

9. Minister for De-Gardai-afication - Every citizen assaulted by a cop

10. Minister for Arts - Raymond Deane

11. Minister for Sports - DJ Carey

12. Minister for Tourism - Peig Sayers Ghost

13. Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs - The cast of Ros na Rún

14. Minister for Defence - Ireland's Judo/Karate champion

15. Minister for Education and Science - Pearse Doherty

16. Minister for Environment - Friends of the Irish Environment Board

17. Minister for Justice - Judge Joseph Mangan

18. Minister Disabled People's Affairs - Kathy Sinnott

19. Minister for Health - Mary Harney's Stomach

20. Minister for Social and Family Affairs - David Quinn

21. Minister for Transport - The Swiss Dublin Bus Driver who juggles to his passengers when caught in traffic

- Some of these are just for fun and obviously would prove hazardous to the health of the nation. You are entitled to separate the Ministries or create entirely new ones that are either a good idea or complete and utter rubbish.


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