Odd Warsaw

I might visit this business to see what they are up to.

A new anti-smoking sign at a bus station: 'Smoke-free zone'.

Some people think the President of Warsaw is a Commie even though she is as capitalist as they come.

???Who knows what this means???

I love my cellulite - You don't have to be ideal.

*Cheapest* Pharmacy in Warsaw will be based here.

(Note: *Probably* in the bottom left)


Nice street name


Paddy said…
Love the blog!
Damien Moran said…
Thanks Paddy. A comment not trying to sell me Ralph Lauren Raybands is always welcome. I had a quick glance at yours and was impressed at the amount of reading you managed over the xmas. Since the birth of my baby girl in October I haven't read anything. I was considering get chapters printed out in tiny font on her various clothes so that I can both take care of her and read at the same time. Although if she shits on them before I manage to finish the said chapter then I'll be in an awful conundrum. To leave her in stink clothing and finish the piece or change her and have to wait 24 hours or so. 'Tis a shocking state of affairs.
Paddy said…
I read very fast... product of a well-spent youth. The down side is I run out of books very quickly, but that might be useful if I was employed as a nanny at your gaff and the only literature - shiterature? - was on the newly arrived (congratulations by the way).

Were you after raybands? I have a 1000 pairs for only 3 dollars and a great get-rich scheme guanranteed to improve your abs and enlarge the necessaries.

Katarzyna said…
To my knowledge, Arsplay is just a company that specialises in children's playgrounds (it seems their Latin is better than their English, since Ars is the Latin word for Art..) Waht a terrible macaronic neologism, anyway.

The graffiti with a meaningless set of characters might be probably a name of a Warsaw criminal gang. Don't you go there after sunset, even if they are just local teenagers.

I am glad you liked Wańkowicza street. Did you know books of Melchior Wańkowicz? The old man had a wonderful sense of humour. (I presume you speak Polish)


Damien Moran said…
Thanks for all the insights Kasia. I speak Polish pretty well but dunno whether I would be up to digesting his reports on war 70 years ago. I just read a little about him and he appears to have been a fascinating fellow.

THe Arsplay sign certainly is unfortunate. I hope the Dutch paedophile party don't find out about their services.

Do you think each member of the gang has 3 members, hence the artwork?

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