The Bushman in Northern Ireland

Just a few images to document George Walker's passing through. Thankfully we won't have to see the gobshite again.

Belfast tells Bush where to stick it!
From the ever-reliable Paula Geraghty (c)

Schoolgirl: "Hey George, what's 2 + 2 equal to"?
GWB: "Ah.....uhm.....err...."

Super mural in Northern Ireland

And I couldn't be arsed writing any more about this flute. More images and reports from friends in Ireland at Indymedia


varus said…
Hi Damien,

just writting to say i am still alicve and i am still reading your stuff. I just read all five of the stories on the site at the moment and as usual they are of a high quality and a good mix of infomation and humour.

Take care over the summer and keep on blogging.
Damien Moran said…
Sound as a pound. Thanks for tuning in. I have a dilemma as to how I should retitle the blog once I move to Dublin in 2 weeks. Paddy in Dublin sounds a bit, ah, well, fucking weird. Maybe I should retitle it 'A Culchie in Dublin {who used to be 'A Paddy in Poland'}', but that sounds a bit convoluted.

Anyhow, I'm sure it'll sort itself out. I guess you're here for the long-haul, havin a missus and all? Next time I'm in Poland I'll make an effort to make it up to Lodz and maybe you can give me a tour? Have a good summer and hope you ge Dublin's rain and we get Lodz sunshine;))
varus said…
I must have missed the article on your departure from this fair land. What are you planning to o back in Ireland?

I often forget that most 'native speakers' are teaching here or only a limited period. So far I've been here for four years and will not be going anywhere in the near future.

If you change your blog address, then please make sure you put a post about the new address, as i would like to keep reading your stuff.

Take care,


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