No - 55%; Yes - 45% >>>>> Farewell to the Lisbon Treaty

From last week's Irish Times

It is now highly likely that Irish voters have rejected the Lisbon Treaty.

Results have already being announced in 19 of the 43 constituencies, and the Lisbon Treaty has been rejected by a margin of 54.7% to 45.3%.

Dermot Ahern, Minister for Justice, has conceded that it looks like the Lisbon Treaty has been lost.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Brian Lenihan got hounded out of the main count centre by No campaigners.

Analysts are saying that the high turnout surprisingly did not favour the Yes side as was predicted.

Leading bookie, Paddy Power, who started prematurely paying out to those who bet on the Yes side winning, now looks like it will be paying out to the No side also.

Speculation from commentators is that the ratification process will go ahead throughout the EU despite the Irish result, but what will happen after that is still anyone's guess.

The Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, may attempt to get some more clear opt out clauses to alleviate Irish fears on militarisation, taxation, abortion, etc. amongst a host of other issues and then put the referendum to the Irish people again (as happened with the Nice Treaty).

He is due to go to Brussels next week and will certainly face cold shoulders. A joint Franco-German declaration is due later this afternoon, while Sarkozy and France are due to take over the EU presidency soon and will do so at a very difficult period for the Euro-elite.

Gordon Brown in Britain is also going to face strong pressure to either abandon the process or hold a referendum to decide on the issue.

The fact that 14% of construction workers in Ireland have lost their jobs in the last 12 months and that Ireland currently has the worst performance in Europe in this sector may have also being a factor in getting some to vote No. The Fisheries crisis in Ireland helped the No side in many areas, in addition to conservative voters fears of abortion, euthanasia while others voted with their feet against a perceived loss of sovereignty and moves to further militarise Europe.


The Legend said…
God we really are a disgrace to Europe aren't we
Shaunj said…
30 % didn't understand it. My God. Maybe next time we have a referendum these gobshites in Government will make the information clear and intelligible to the man on the street.
tulkas84 said…
Thank you Ireland!!!!

free Padania (is not italy)
ciao ;)

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