Random thoughts from Warsaw

Of late I am snowed under and consequently blog-less. So I'll give a Top 10 list of what is going on in my head:

- Can't vote against the Lisbon Treaty on June 12th because Irish State does not grant it's citizens voting rights when they are living abroad. Ireland is the only country who has a say in the matter and can scuttle the boat. All other member states' trusted politicians did the job for their citizens with a relatively debate-less ratification.

It's highly likely that the referendum will be passed.

- Glad to be hosting international guests over the next few days. They are coming to Warsaw to protest against Frontex HQ, the EU's border police dog.

Frontex is an EU agency with coordinates the activity, training and operations of the EU's border control. It also coordinates this activity with police, the military and secret services. The Frontex- run RABITs (rapid border intervention teams) carry out military- like exercises with weaponry in preparation for operations against groups of migrants. There is growing likelihood that somebody will be shot dead for trying to cross the border.

So on Friday friends will go to the Frontex office in Warsaw with slogans "No one is Illegal" and "No Borders, No Nations" to confront the migrant hunters with the consequences of their policies and show what it is that this institution is really protecting: misery, poverty, exploitation, racism, imperialism and global capitalism.

- The legendary trade union Solidarnosc are currently holding a postal worker's strike in Poland. More power to them! I hope their postulates are met.

- Currently reading Part I of Isaac Deutscher's biographical trilogy on Leon Trotsky, 'The Prophet Armed: Trotsky, 1879-1921' - an interesting read.

- Also reading 'Anarchism, A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, Volume 1: From Anarchy to Anarchism (300CE to 1939)' compiled by Robert Graham. Some fascinating texts, especially the ancient Asian texts included.

- My dance lessons are going well, my guitar practice has stagnated; again! While dancing, I look a bit like this blue-footed booby.

- Studying Polish grammar to help reduce my mistakes and also brushing up on my French, which is quite exciting. I expect to meet lots of Poles in Ireland so I will still be able 'mowic po polsku' this summer:)

- Preparing to hitch home to Ireland soon with my girlfriend. Looking forward to the road trip and hope we don;t end up in a ditch somewhere.

- We are looking for foster parents to take care of our cat Miaou. If you are living in Warsaw and want to take care of a beautiful cat for 2 years let me know.

- And finally, I'm beginning to really love Poland, mainly because it is summer. Strawberry season, evening walks while it is still bright, amazing sunrises that I see every morning when the cat wakes me up (one of his bad points), and end of the school year. I'll be sad to leave in 4 weeks:((


Anonymous said…
you'll be also able to talk to other irishman (with the accent on man) in polish as apparently there are polish classes springing around - my friends husband (to come) is taking a class with 8 or 10 other mostly irish guys, all for the same reason :P

don't forget to smuggle some cigarettes! ;)
Anonymous said…
Please Irish People, in the name of Europeans peoples , vote NO !

See the comments below this french article http://www.liberation.fr/actualite/monde/330142.FR.php
Most of the commentators wish Ireland could vote NO.

If ever it’d happened, this would be a huge slap in the face of the European Commision technocrats who are completely disconnected from reality. The current way the European Union is designed is mainly in the interest of politicians, media and corporations and definitely not in the interest of the majority of the people.

If ever Ireland voted YES, Europe would become the poodle-puppet of the USA, specially into military domains.

Please, be wise, vote NO and do not fear the pressure of the press and of politicians.
geez said…
My two zlots: "No one is illegal" is fine as a slogan and objective but "No borders, no nations" will result in most folks consigning y'all to being whackos.

Otherwise, have a safe journey. I recall getting a ride in a Polski Fiat to Warsaw from K-kow at night in the rain many years ago and freaking out at all the accidents I saw including one involving a horse drawn carriage. Be careful who you hitch with...
Shaunj said…
Sorry to hear you are heading back to Eire. I thought I might get a chance to have a beer with you in Warszawa sometime as my gf is from there and we go up quite often. Keep the blog going in Ireland and good luck with the hike, sounds like a blast.

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