Degoogling funny search terms

Top 10 funniest/strangest Google searches directed to this blog in the past month:

1. 'Sex linger for the missus' found:

Some bloke obviously trying to get nice underwear for his wife's birthday or an upcoming anniversary.

2. 'Polish hookers in Dublin' found:

I bet he didn't expect to come across this blog. No, I am not an escort agency;)

3. 'Cantona fascist' found:

Someone evidently doesn't have much time for the former French king of Mancheser United football club.

4. 'Red haired and freckled' found:

Are there people out there with a freckle fetish?

5. 'Dead cats corpus christi' found:

Uuuh, this one beats me!

6. 'Serratia and bleeding host' found:

Interesting what a bit of mould can do to kick-start a huge religious feast day. When I was very young a pries from the area claimed there were images of the Virgin Mary appearing on the walls of his church. It turned out that the walls were just a bit damp and the whole church (as well as he priest's eyes) needed renovation.

7. 'I'm jealous of classmate too pretty' found:

Fair enough, I know how this feels. But doing a google search for it! Well, it takes all sorts I guess. I hope this person read about the damage that has been done through bullying due to jealousy, and begins to appreciate him/herself just they way they are. Pointless comparing yourself to others. We all have our ups and downs.

8. 'Dinner forks' found:

And here you were thinking you'd find some nice silver cutlery. Little did you know that cops have used dinner forks in Poland as a symbol of their 'starvation wages'. Jaysus, we could do with starving some of the cops over here in Ireland so they lose a few kilos.

9. 'Does Irish hate Poles' found:

One may presume this search was by a concerned Pole living in Ireland. Despite he brutal double murder 1/2 a year back, I'd safely safe the answer is 'No'. Both Irish friends and strangers have unequivocally answered positively about the Polish presence in Ireland to me.

10. 'Polish warehouse in Dublin' found:

Sorry google searcher, but what is and does it really matter a shit whether it's a 'Polish' warehouse or not?


Quickroute said…
I had a few unusual visitors via google myself like these
Makes you wonder what kind of people are out there in cyberspace - a bit scary really!
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