I had a dream....about Guantanamo Bay!

Asleep.....Helicopter hovering. Shots. Home invasion. Screams. 'Get down, get down!'

Cries. Hoodwinked.....

Day 1. Body-checked. Undressed. Power-showered. Scrubbed. Cuffed. Hogtied. Interrogated. Waterboarded. Interrogated. Waterboarded. Drained. Drowsy. Bright-lights. Dogs barking. Pissed myself. Metallica blaring. Sledge-hammers pounding. Interrogated. Waterboarded....Black out. 

Repeat of Day 1.....   Orange-jumpsuited. Face-masked. Blacked out goggles. Shackled limbs. Gloved and duct-taped hands. Baton-poked. Roared at. Chain-linked. Cell
opened. Shuttled out. Buckled in. The Unknown. Fear. What next?

Memories. Family. Tears. Smiles. Sadness.
Sunrise. I guess. Prayer.

Fed a SmallMac. Potty Trained. Slopped out. 

Day X. Undressed, again.  Bleary-eyed. Shivering. Punched, again. Unbuckled. Legs powerless. Dragged. Thrown down. Prostrate. Boarded. Flown. Force-fed.
Self-urinated. Shame. Roared at. Punched. Unshackled.

Unboarded. Sweltering heat. Shackled. Loaded. Ferried. Unloaded. Barking. Pushed. Pulled.

Delta. Echo. Iguana. X-Ray. Sleep deprivation. Prolonged exposure.

1903. Spanish-American War. 110 years old. Happy Birthday to us.
Jan. 11th 2002- Jan. 11th 2013. 779  detainees.  600 released. 166 remain. 23 countries. 9 died in custody. 7 suicides.

Seven convicted by illegal military commissions.  7 military prosecutors resigned. 200 FBI agents reported abuse. 86 cleared for release in 2009 remain in jail.

92% never al Qaeda. Released under Bush – 532. Release under Obomba – 72.

Youngest prisoner – 13; oldest – 98. Number of children – 21.

Captured by US troops – 5%. Bounties offered  - $$$mn. Bounty offer captives – 86%.

11 years old. Happy Birthday to us.

ACLU visit. Amnesty International. Habeas Corpus. Keeping up Appearances. Frankness. Reprisals. Military Tribunals.

Wikileaks. Bradley Manning. Treatment illegal. 112 days credit. Laughable. 
See you in 364 days.


* Numbers from American Civil Liberties Union.

* Moazamm Begg's book:  Enemy Combatant: My Imprisonment at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar

*11 years of Amnesty/ACLU/Congress reports and hearings and former prisoner testimonies


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