Same sex couples to protest Spar with a 'kissing flash mob'

A couple walked into a Spar...and once again discovered that Ireland is still no country for gay men (and women)

An incident Monday night at one of Spar's flagship shops in Dublin involving a gay student couple and a security guard has led to gay rights activists initiating a 'kissing flash mob' this Saturday on Dame st.

The young couple complained on Spar's facebook page about being called "faggots" a number of times by the security guard. They claim he followed them around the shop and allegedly told them "to take it into the George."
Within 24 hours 7,000 people had liked and shared the Facebook post, many offering their support and voicing their anger, while others let their homophobia be clearly shown by writing obscenities. A supporter of the men Claire Ó Briain wrote

"the support is inspiring. Go Ireland. Homophobic bigots - watch out. Another angrily responded to abusive comments To the people leaving homophobic comments: go back to your cave, you neanderthals."

Spokesman for Spar Cormac Bradley issued a statement saying that

"SPAR Ireland is aware of an alleged incident in a SPAR store on Dame Street which is independently owned and operated. 
It prides itself on respect for all regardless of gender, nationality, colour, creed, or sexual orientation and abhors any action that contravenes that. We are currently working with the independent store owner, the Gardai and the private security company to establish the facts of the alleged incident."

The boyfriend of the alleged victim wrote online that
"During our nightly ritual of getting a roll in Spar on Georges street we kissed in the shop. The security guard then came over to us and told us to ''take it back into the George you faggots."

He continued with the claim that "Emmett then asked if we were a straight couple who kissed would u ask us to leave and go back to Coppers?....He now has cuts all over his face and is in some amount of pain"

Gay Dublin has advised potential protestors that Spar Ireland and the Garda have reported an unregistered protest on or outside the shop premises will lead to their removal and  potential arrest.

The incident comes less than a week since the release of The Young Men and Suicide Report, compiled by the cross-border Men’s Health Forum in Ireland, which highlighted the high rate of suicide amongst young Irish males. What often goes unreported though is that gay men are three to four times more likely to commit suicide than straight men.

Bullying, assault and other forms of abuse towards homosexuals in Ireland  are commonplace and mostly go unreported, according to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual rights advocates.

Back in 2009, a study carried out by the Children’s Research Centre in Trinity College and the School of Education at UCD alarmingly reported that a fifth of young gay men in Ireland had attempted suicide.


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