Blogging is a pain in the hole!

It's a time consuming monster that is killing my free time.

It's a welt-inviting, couch-potato loving, lard developing crucafix.

It's an eye-googling habit that is making my peepers tear up.

It's a Polish language learning replacement that I can ill-afford.

It's an educational roller coaster ride distractor where you could very well
be engaged in far more productive educational activities.

It's my guitar-practice-time-consuming beastly digital deformity with relentless gravitational pull which I should probably best begin to sever myself from.

It's a head imploding bringer-on of much hated, easily anticipated aches and pains beneath and beyond the skull region.

It's a truly amazing forum where I can motivate myself to find the discipline to write the above and more, whether of merit - or not - and feel like it's worth continuing with, after all is said and done.


Anonymous said…
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