Promoting fair trade and unexploited labour for Euro 2012

The new Justice Minister in Poland believes that prisoners are the answer for the labour shortage and high potential costs of building stadiums for the Euro 2012 championships.

It's not the first time that the issue of cheap labour has popped up in the debate of how Poland should go about preparing for the football competition. Importing Chinese workers has also been weighed into the equation - maybe a mixture of both will ultimately transpire.

I've nothing against Chinese immigrants or prisoners being given construction work to satisfy the growing football craze in Poland. What I despise is the fact the Minister seems to think it is defensible to exploit workers in the process. Whether they have committed crimes against members of society or have yellow skin shouldn't prevent them from earning a fair wage for a days work.

Indeed, one of the key problems for prisoners on leaving prison is access to employment, income, sense of self-worth, normal daily routine of work,rest and play - so rather than exploiting their labour we should see it as a solution to rehabilitate and aid their transition back into a society which they can rarely cope with on leaving their cells.

There should not be any cutbacks on health and safety measures just because they have shackels on their legs or happen to have made in china tags on their toes; nor should there be a lack of over hour rates, standard break times, etc. just because they are deemed as scum or as disposable immigrants by the authorities.

Oh yeah, and lets try ensure that the footballs used are fair trade footballs, not ones made by child labour as happened in the world cup 5 years ago and also in Germany.

Rahila from Pakistan can ensure her children get a good education by producing 'fair trade footballs.' Workers get a premium from GEPA, Europe's biggest fair trade company, and are members of the Talon Fair Trade Workers Welfare Society - they channel profits into local healthcare and education facilities.


beatroot said…
Greens don't mind child labour, so why should the Chinese?
Damien Moran said…
Wow, great fucking article. Thanks for the link. I agree, there is an awful load of bolloxology around greenism, that's for sure.

Guilt-tripping the global south cause we are sick of weird weather patterns is typical of our centuries/millenia old failure to be egalitarian. And liberal-ish NGO personnel have this bizarre millenarian-type cock attitude that we're screwed, they're screwed, the whole game is screwed - yet they still just waste their time rubbling shoulders lobbying parliamentarians and flying to Tanzania for 72 hours to interview
the well pumpers.

It's depressing crap really.

My mate recently (a guy who has spent 25 years of his fighting against war nonviolently and has done a lot of time for it)came to London recently from Ireland. He was detained and interrogated under the Anti-terrorism act.

The first thing they asked him was whether he was part of the 'Plane Stupid' climate change campaign. He replied something like: "hardly, I came here on a €0.01 Ryanair flight."

What a response, huh!
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