The polarisation of Polish society

Polish Radio recently reported a recent public opinion report by Pentor surmised Poles are showing less and less solidarity to the needy in society. 25% of respondents claimed to be clear on what social exclusion actually meant. A similar poll conducted last year found 8% more people were sensitive to the fact that there are marginalised people in Poland who need a help up.

The usual elements were touched upon by those questioned on what social exclusion means for them, e.g. being out of employment; struggling with narcotic, alcohol and other addictions; and being knee-deep in poverty. Furthermore, most of those interviewed showed an awareness of the effects this can have on one's health, social status, employability, etc.

From this report it has become clear that more and more members of society deem it the responsibility of the State, religious and NGO institutions to take care of the excluded in society. Private citizens, on the other hand, should be just left to become increasingly atomised and disassociated from any sense of social responsibility. Cut-throat-ism, stampede-ism, I don;t give a fuck-ism appears to be in; caring for the sick, poor, disabled, hard-done-by, unfortunate is, well, so past tense!

Finally, the Pentor survey results and report claim that Polish society as a whole sees less and less exclusion in their own environment, which they think results from the falling unemployment.


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