Video of Polish immigrant killed by taser in Vancouver released

Did ya hear the one about a bunch of Canadian mounties lying through their holes after they killed a frustrated non-English speaking Polish immigrant.
No? Well there's no punchline. It happened, the immigrant is six feet under and yesterday the video evidence was finally revealed. It doesn;t look good for the mounties.

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association released a statement that it has filed two formal complaints against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, "for misrepresenting the facts of Robert Dziekanski's death and unreasonably seizing and actively suppressing a video recording of the incident."

The events arose after the man became very agitated in Vancouver airport last month after he had been waiting to meet his mother for over 10 hours.

According to the Associated Press "Robert Dziekanski, 40, of Pieszyce, Poland, was tasered and restrained by police on October 14 after going on a rampage out of frustration......died minutes later while being attended by an emergency medical team.

A distraught looking Robert Dziekanski holds a table up while in Vancouver airport

Robert tasered by RCMP officers

Robert on the ground of moments after being tasered by RCMP officers

A rampage - give me a fucking break. The guy was just pissed off. He didn't wave a knife at anybody, nor physically confront any civilians or cops. At one stage he is seen in the video picking up a computer a fucking it onto the ground, not over someone's head. A rampage is when a fucked up teenager goes in to a school in the U.S. and uses his fellow students as target practice.

Well, that deserves a bit of shock and awe treatment, doesn't it. But why four cops had to use a taser (non-lethal weapon, my hole!) to restrain an annoyed middle-aged man is truly bizarre and an outright disgrace.

The family lawyer claims that no airport, customs or security employees at the airport tried to help either the mother or the deceased. After a rendez-vous mix up Dziekanski went into the public area, but his mother had already left the airport. The construction worker then panicked and ended up dead a few minutes later.

Rough justice in Vancouver. I'll make sure I get my rendez-vous bang on if I ever go there.


Anonymous said…
They also tasered him when he was on the ground screaming (BBC news website). Four of them.
Damien Moran said…
Just to be sure, to be sure, I suppose?
What a bunch of imbeciles. Will it be similar to the De Menezes debacle in London. Have these mounties been suspended from work? Are charges likely?

Time will tell, I guess.
Anonymous said…
They not only tasered him multiple times, but several officers then proceeded to handcuff him.

It is said that one had their knee in his back.

Further, in the video on youtube, you see one of the RCMP officers hit the stunned man (who is on the ground and handcuffed, probably delirious) with his billy club.

it is the most sickening thing i've ever seen.
Anonymous said…
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