No more Poles - British jobs for British workers

Polish immigrants seeking work in London

Gordy Brown, prime minister of (no longer)Great Britain is getting his patriotic knickers in a twist these days, bowing to the conservative media outlets propaganda that immigrants are destroying the British-ness of Britain and putting health, education, transport, and social resources under overwhelming pressure.

Rather than congratulating and showing gratitude to immigrants (there is an estimated one million Poles working in the UK) animosity seems to be growing - foreigners are often made scapegoats when things go haywire for politicians on the homefront due to their own incompetence and squandering of taxpayers money.

So in order to fulfil the criteria, this report tries to highlight the problem that faces Gordy and his patriotic band of populists.

According to ITN
"Plans for 7.5 million training places have been unveiled after Gordon Brown promised to create "British jobs for British workers"

This video report begins:
"Warsaw's bus station is a grim depressing place but it's here you come if you live in Warsaw and have hopes and dreams of starting a new life in the U.K."

Note of warning: It's a little slow to upload but certainly worth having a look at.


Hi Damien

People do have their knickers in a twist about the poles in England. Im a brit living in Rome and I can tell you the "polish" issue is nothing like the "romanian" issue here. There are thousands of Romanians living in boxes by the Tiber around Tiburtina and the populace is hated in Rome. Often there are outbreaks of Violence and the Italian Gov is actually looking at ways .... not to help them, but to ship them back.

Its very sad.
Damien Moran said…
Hi.Thanks for that information.If/When I goto Rome I will certainly keep my eyes open to the issue. I noticed the same around Belgrade. Are there thousands of 'Romanians' or a mixture of 'Roma' and 'Romanians?'

In Ireland and from people I've spoken to in Poland the two are often used interchangeably. Unfortunately the Roma are also hated and very much discriminated by Romanians also.

In Ireland the travelling community are still discriminated against. A lot of enmity exists between the settled and unsettled communities. It is now illegal to set up camp by a road in Ireland.

In a sense, it makes sense, as the traffic is so heavy nowadays and the drivers speed so crazily that accidents are inevitable. But a unique way of life is slowly eroding as a result of decades of Irish gvt. policies.

Do the Roma/Romanians have any representation to plead their plight? Are many of them caught up in similar situations to the horror stories we have heard about over here where Poles were brought to Italy only to be treated like dogs by gangmasters.

Do any NGO's, social solidarity groups have contact/organise around the issue?

I suspect they are labelled as spongers who might as well just jump in the Tiber and swim downwards - few people would probably miss them.

Sad indeed.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't pay much attention to the witterings of our unelected Scottish Prime Minister. "British jobs for British workers" is illegal under EU law. It's desperate bullshit by a man with no mandate to govern.

That said, Poles are generally very well regarded and respected here in England, and Polish immigration is overwhelmingly a success story.

Mam nadzieje, ze Ci sie podoba w Polsce. Trzymaj sie.
Damien Moran said…
Agrees, it is the same in Ireland - that is, apart from the recent putting screwdrivers into two of their heads. But the response of fthe public is testimony to the fact that a lot of Irish people have Polish friends and that they have generally integrated well.
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