General Election in Poland - the brains behind Sunday voting!

I'm in a rush today so I've decided to just post a blog from a lengthy comment I made on The Beatroot's website as to why Poles will be voting on Sunday, rather than a weekday. I've borrowed information from the intelligence of some of the commentators over there as regards who votes when, people like Geez, BR, Jannowak, Varus.

Most countries throughout the world hold their elections on a day when the majority of people don't work - Saturday or Sunday, for example. Odd countries like the U.S. have elections on Tuesdays, usually between 6am-9pm so people have a fairly good window to get to their local station and vote. That is unless they are a nasty capitalist working most of the day exploiting people, or are the employee/exploitee of the nasty capitalist and despite working lots of overtime you get no extra pay.
Other weird countries, like Britain, hold their voting on Thursday. It may have something got to do with the amounts of alcohol consumed between Thursday 9pm and Sunday 11pm but I can't support that statement with any evidence.

Other odd countries have legislation to the effect that one can get off work 4 hours before the poll stations close. That is, if they close at 8pm, one has the right to be excused from work at 4pm. Pretty cool if you are anarchist and have no intention of voting, but can still get off work early.

The following are factors that election bureaucrats take into consideration when figuring out why Poles, who need a lot encouragement and brainwashing to vote (seen as they have the lowest voter turnout in the E.U.), should not vote on any other day apart from Sunday.

Monday: You are too depressed with the prospect of another full week of work. You blame everything, anything and nothing for their woes - not a good day to ask people to vote because this is the day they would be most likely to lynch, tar and feather politicians.

Tuesday: The notions of torturing politicians have subsided and are replaced by reality - you have so much work to do by the end of the week you can think of nothing else.

Cigarette and coffee breaks help pass the day. You have been up since 7am to take care of the kids', cat's, dog's, pet tarantula's needs and by the time you get off the jam-packed metro, bus or out of your traffic-stuck car, your belly is growling with the pangs of hunger.

Your favourite series, Na Wspolnie, is on TV, so there's not a snowball's chance in hell that you're going to the local school hall to vote. You already missed 3 episodes this month.

Wednesday: Panic has set in. You've managed to complete only 2 elements from your top ten 'To Do List' which you drew up on Sunday evening.
You are doing an English course (to improve your career chances, emigration employment prospects) almost immediately after work. The course only finishes at 8.30pm and you would like to see your kids before they go to sleep. You remember they usually get a headache and violent tendencies after 9pm as they've been playing computer games since they returned home from school. You rush directly home.

Thursday: Your boss is on your ass to finish deadlines, the kids are beginning to drive you up the wall with their own hectic schedules of extra-curricular activities and are bugging you as you haven't had time to feed them for the past 2 days.

You just about managed to pop into the convenience store after finishing work late (again, for no extra money) around the corner to get a few frozen pizzas.
Thank God for cornflakes, school caterers, the kids obsession with eating 3 chocolate bars a day and shitty ready-to-eat microwave meals.

You haven't had sex since last Thursday so you have an early shower and try get the kids to bed quickly in order to ignite your partner's passions and relieve some stress; or, you rent out a dvd with your partner, grab a Da Grasso pizza and haven't the slighest intention of doing anything else apart from slinking your canine teeth into your favourite 'Cztery Sery'; or, you just head out for a beer with friends cause you don't have a partner, even though you wouldn't mind one who didn't demand too much from you. It's nice to start the weekend a little early by lining your stomach with 3 pints of beer.
It helps remind your biological make up that a heavy session awaits it within the next 48 hours;
or finally, you're too old for having sex, you tend to eat your dinner in the middle of the day (unlike young folk who eat it at 9pm), you've got to catch up with ironing, the news, Radio Maryja, your mother/friends, and TRWAM's eternal playbacks of Pope John Paul's visits to Poland.

Friday: Fuck, where did that week just go? You definitely don't want to start or end your favourite day of the week by looking through a lengthy list of overweight, overcocky, dodgy scumbags who you have a funny feeling will do fuck all to earn a huge salary and piss you off every time they pop up on your TV screen or newpaper front page - and you've been slaving for a corporation all week without any recognition and for a pittance.

You've gone to work on your dzialka. and enjoy the fresh air, being in touch with nature. You do some fun activities with your kids and spend some much needed time in normality with your partner. You visit family and catch up with all the weekly family affairs. You go for a walk/cycle in the park. You go to a friend's house and chill out there for a few hours. You've forgotten about the stressful situations in work which have just passed and which will recommence on Monday.

Saturday is sacred. Life doesn't seem so bad after all. You don't want to hazard this rare weekly moment when all your efforts seem to be worthwhile and life, despite all it's shortcomings, appears to be full of beauty.

Sunday: You're bored off your tits, the Saturday dream has worn off with the entrance of a hangover or the proximity of Monday.Monday, you really fucking hate Mondays. You try to escape into telly world, but as always happens there's SweetFuckAll on.

The kids are busy doing their homework, earlier today you heard the priest give a dull sermon during which you dosed off but where he appealed to you to vote. You need to stretch your legs after stuffing yourself with a big lump of beef followed by jelly and icecream.

You're also a little curious to see whether you meet anybody you know at the ballot box so you end up scraping your ass from the couch and heading towards the local station to exercise your right.
You're certain of who you are voting for, or will just decide when you look at their faces on the list - you have good instincts.

And voila (there it is!), you're a healthy democrat and active citizen.

You're full of hope for the future. At that moment you have no idea this will wear off very soon, but that doesn't matter, because you probably won't have to perform the same act for a couple of years. And when you do, you'll probably have forgotten all the good reasons you had thought up about over the years as to why the hell you are never going to vote for these bastards again!


varus said…
I read your entry on Br's blog and enjoyed it emensly. I also liked your comparrisson with Egypt.
Damien Moran said…
The product of an idle mind my dear Varus.

If only I was a hierarch and ruled Poland, the place would be like a giant circus.

Oh sorry, it already is!
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