Irish poll on Polish elections

Image from here

The public Irish broadcaster RTE is currently running a feature article and interactive poll on their website about the upcoming Polish elections.

The two pictures they show connected to the piece are:

1. The President and Prime Minister Kaczynski twins smiling (Yes, I puked too)

2. An election poster of gung-ho Anti-Corruption Agency sheriff and Law and Justice
(PiS) candidate, Mariusz Kaminski

Not the healthiest public portrayal of Poland for the Irish one might think.

Regarding the poll, the question posed is:

"Are the Kaczynski Brothers' politics too conservative for the EU?"

What a dumb fucking question. They might as well ask: 'Is grass green?'

The results as of Friday Oct. 20th, 00:43

Yes, I hope they lose this Sunday 78% (460 votes)

No, they provide a good balance 22% (132 votes)

Who thinks up of these shit statements and questions? Such dumbness is a crime against the human brain.


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