Ignorant Anonymous Posts - Bring it on!

Today I got 3 anonymous comments to 3 of my old posts. They were all from the same person. That person was an asshole. Lucky me!

The first was on my post - Michael Moore Runs Into Trouble Again

Anonymista said:
You really have no idea what you are talking about. Go to the US and educate yourself about the citizens... please. Your misguided assumptions about US society is sickening and sad

so I responded:
a)I've been to the States (twice)
b)I have many relations living there
c)I have many U.S. friends here in Europe
d)You're obviously an asshole
e) I'll debate you further if you take off your mask and don't hide in cyber-space. Otherwise, go eat a Big Mac!
f)uck off!

The second anonymista comment was on my Obama Barack...A red-haired, freckled spud-lover!post :
Your ignorance is hilarious.

so I responded:
Your lack of hilarity is ignorance.

The final anonymista comment was on the post 'Volunteering in Afghanistan, or not?'
so I responded in an adult and calm manner:
Hmmm, let's see. Am I in a nice mood today.....kind of, yes.

So go fuck yourself anonymista.

So what has this got to do with being a Paddy in Poland.....well, nothing really. But I just wanted to stress how much I detest anonymous cyber posters who whine and moan behind a paper bag on their heads - reveal yourself, and then we'll have a war of words.

Otherwise, stumble elsewhere, assholes!


varus said…
I understand your annoyance, and found your comments ammusing but i an left thinking whether my pen name of Varus is any less anonymous? Come to that, are cyber friends Beatroot, Geez and other we have both communicated with. You are infact on of the few to be totally honest and post not only your name, but a picture aswell. I still have a few reservations about such a bold step and am uncertain as to when i will join you.
Damien Moran said…
I also post anonymously at times, on political sites which have fascist-cruisers who take personal data and put names, pictures, addresses on their hate-filled websites. I never post anonymously on someone's site with crappy comments like this anonymista.

As re. most bloggers, if you want to find out who they are then it's not the hardest thing in the world to do. Most bloggers leave enough clues on their years on the web so that people can't identify them.

As regards my openness, when I'm on demos I also don't mask up from the cops, for example, I just take a photo of them in return and try get their badge numbers in case they do anything nasty during the demo.

If I see dodgy bastards taking pictures from the pavements (which right-wing groups often do) I do my best to subtly not give them a good shot.

My only point with this post is that when an anonymous asswipe browses by and makes comments like 'Don't help those people' (Afghanis) well

a)I'm not going to let him/her get away with it with a challenge to a dual
b) I'll challenge them to be less cowardly, declare their cards up front, and then we can have a dialogue whether Afghani's deserve anybodys help or not.

Of course I realise this is an energy suck too. Sometimes it's best not feed the alien mothership at all.

Ok, you're anonymous, but you're not a racist. At least you are prepared to dialogue and be rational. You don't get personal from your anonymity even if you strongly disagree with someone's point of view.

This, I have no problem with.

I posted my name and details from the beginning because I just find it difficult to communicate anonymously with people. And I have reservations whether any eejit deems me significant enough to strongly hate. I'm a fairly loveable guy behind all the rhetoric and sarcasm - just ask my cat!
varus said…
It is funny how identify with a construct. I would be upset if my internet name of Varus fell into disrepute and people had the wrong impression of me. I look at it as an extension off myself. Whereas in reality i could easily just create another blooging account and recreate my persona. However, this would be like a betrayal of somekind. My reputation as Varus as an honest and open minded person is just as important as my real name within the cyber world. However, i do feel that it does give some protection in the fact that comments and opinion are not directly attributable to the real me, incase thugs or political types wish to take issue with me for my views. Is this cowardly? Undoubtedly yes, but it is also maybe what encouarages true exchanges off throughts and opinions.
Also Anonymous said…
Gotta love anonymista's line of argument, which if I follow the patriotic meanderings of his/her/its brilliant intellect, can be summarised thusly:
"Everyone except me is wrong and I don't have to explain why."
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