A little taste of Poland in October 2007

Image from CNN

A news sampling from just another week in Poland:

Former Sports Minister arrested by Central Corruption Agency.

Polish senator who doubted Holocaust gets top role as 'speaker senior' to open new parliamentary session.

People's Daily Online (Chinese gvt. mouthpiece) reports a new poll shows 72% Poles support EU membership.

Greenpeace hail victory as the Natura 2000 protected Rospuda Valley will be saved from the Via Baltica highway, while the city of Augustow will get it's much demanded bypass.

The Washington Post says Poland's new 'centrist' government under Donald Tusk will likely withdraw troops from Iraq.

New Far-Right leader of League of Polish Families abolishes notorious All Polish Youth.

New Polish radio station, ORLA, for Poles living in the UK and Ireland.

Civic Platform to abolish Roman Giertych's school uniform idea.

Polish military under-fire again in Iraq.

Poll establishes Polish expectations of their new government.

There's never a lack of things to be discussed, whined about, celebrated, mourned or laughed at.


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