Why I gotta get myself an air mask!

The European Environment Agency released it's 4th assessment recently from it's Copenhagen headquarters, and the air quality of Poland took a bit of a bashing.
The evaluation is carried out in 53 European countries. It's research focuses on outlining substantial biodiversity loss, poor water quality and air pollution throughout the area. Hungary, the Neterlands and Belgium also came in for criticism from the Environmental body.

"Air pollution by fine particles represents the highest risk to public health in all regions, higher than that of other air pollutants. The estimated annual loss of life is significantly greater than that due to car accidents", according to the EEA

Well, if the lack of air quality in Poland represents a greater risk to my health than traffic accidents, going at the rate of destruction the latter annually cause, then it's time to purchase an air-filtering mask. I know I'll look a little odd, but it's not my fault people aren't bruching their teeth properly and consequently the air is stinking.

Oh yeah, and maybe we should also cut down on the coal use, car use, and construct a device to transform all cows harmful methane emissions to be more environmentally-friendly.


varus said…
There are 53 countries in Euorope??!! Wow it's bigger than i thought.
Damien Moran said…
That's what they claim on their website. Wikipedia has the number at 48.

The EEA research scope included: Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA), South East Europe (SEE), as well as Western and Central Europe (WCE).

Their website and the report, which I stupidly forgot to link to, can be found here:

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