Polish Election 2007 Winners - 'The Boycott Party'

45% of society don't give a shit for power - Anarchists are content to have won the elections'

It's being a tough night. The phone lines have been jammed with words of congratulations and I quite frankly am exhausted from the emotion of it all. So much effort went in to bringing about this result. Yes, we slipped 15% from the elections 2 years ago but please take into consideration the powerful forces at work against us. We had no TV, Radio, Newspaper coverage and yet we managed to come out on top of the polls. It truly was an amazing victory.

The Boycott Party will continue to pursue it's foundational policies of direct democracy, consensual participatory decision-making, politics without politicians, striving to not exploit our fellow human, worker solidarity, afflicting the comfortable, comforting the afflicted, reshaping military bases into hospitals, investing military expenditure into programmes for better universal health care and and education, harnessing mutual aid through federations, facilitating the democratic control over the means of production by those whose hands work daily in the factories, schools, clinics. etc. - you think another world is possible (what a cliched phrase that is by now)....you're damn fucking right it is.

Onward brothers and sisters. Let us march to the tune of our success, inviting those deceived by the parliamentarians who still deem they are actually worth the huge salaries they earn and positions of privilege they have abused for time immemorial.


varus said…
An interesting twist on the usually term apathy that has infected Poland.
Damien Moran said…
Indeed, the post is wishful thinking on my part I'm afraid.

Apathy is surely the greatest foe and the apathetic mind the most difficult to penetrate.

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