Polish super hero Krystian to the rescue

Enough about elections and politicians - let's have a short, feel good piece to prove that humans can be truly remarkable at times.

It has been all over the national news yesterday and today that a 3 year old kid from the city of Łódź saved his diabetic mum's life after he successfully called emergency services to alert them she had become ill.

The young boy, named Krystian, didn't manage to give his name or the address before the line died, but the savvy operator recalled a similar alert from a toddler 1 month previous. The cops and paramedics established the address and when they called a few minutes later the young boy opened the door to let them in.

Thankfully his mum fully recovered after receiving the appropriate medicine.

Krystian, you're my candidate for a local hero award. Good on ya;)


varus said…
That just shows you jow busy i've been recently. I live here and i haven't heard a thing. - Good story though!

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